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Knowing This Piece of Advice Could Change Your Life If You’re Ever Arrested

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Police officer arresting young male drunk driver

Getting arrested is a stressful situation whether you are guilty or innocent. First, you’re probably scared because the authorities have just pulled you over.

Second, you’re most likely embarrassed because of all the spectators and passersby. Third, you simply don’t know where your future is headed after that moment of truth occurs.

Almost every arrest victim feels a range of emotions at that time. The good news is that you can relax and know that you can get out of your situation intact. The following is the best piece of life-changing advice that you can ever read about how to handle an arrest.

Contact an Attorney, and Do Not Pass Go

The first thing you must do when you receive notification of an arrest is notify the officer that you would like to speak with an attorney. The officer must allow you the opportunity to contact an attorney and receive good counsel from that person.

Furthermore, the officer must read you your Miranda rights, which is a group of rights that include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. The officer is supposed to read those rights to you upon notification of your arrest. At that time, you can kindly tell him or her that you would like to speak to an attorney immediately.

Reasons You Should Contact an Attorney
A number of reasons exist as to why you should contact an attorney for a criminal charge. First, you run the risk of incriminating yourself if you speak to the courts or the arresting officer yourself. Make no mistake; neither the arresting officer, nor the prosecutor or judge is your friend.

These persons are in business to have you convicted of a crime and pay the penalty to the fullest. You cannot fight the battle alone because the other party will surely railroad you. An attorney can assist you in a number of ways because that person cares about your welfare.

A criminal attorney’s main goal is to have you excused and pardoned of the crime of which the courts are accusing you. An attorney can use a myriad of methods that you cannot fathom. The years of experience and education that the attorney has can help to fortify your position.

What an Attorney Can Do?
First, the attorney can try to have your case dismissed by looking for loopholes and procedural errors on the other side. Skipped Miranda rights is one thing that often warrants a case dismissal.

Second, the attorney can challenge the arresting officer by asking that person to produce proof. Such is the case in many DUI cases. Third, the attorney can bargain with the prosecutor and try to get you a deal before the case goes to trial. If all else fails, your attorney can try to get you a lenient or alternative sentence. Examples of alternative sentences are probation, rehabilitation programs, fines and house arrest.

Types of Charges an Attorney Can Handle?

A criminal attorney can handle a wide variety of cases. This person can handle a DUI charge, drug charge, domestic violence charge or a burglary charge. A criminal attorney can also handle identity theft, aggravated assault, vandalism and terrorism.

Such attorneys defend people in a broad spectrum of cases that include minor cases such as traffic violations and serious cases such as murder in all degrees. You need the assistance of an attorney whether an accusatory party has hit you with something large or small. It’s always best to protect your back and not leave it naked.

How to Schedule an Appointment
You can schedule an appointment with a reliable criminal attorney by completing a short form or making a phone call. The attorney will schedule an initial consultation during which the two of you can get into deep details about the case.

If you have an emergency, the attorney may be able to come out to the arrest site immediately. You may want to keep the number to a reliable attorney handy so that you are never caught out there with no assistance. You want to be able to contact someone within a few minutes of hearing that you are under arrest.