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How to choose a great criminal defense lawyer

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Regardless of the nature of thecrime you are charged with, skimping on hiring a criminal defense lawyer to represent you is not a good idea. There’s simply too much at stake to get anything less than the best legal representation you can afford.

So the big question is, how do you find the best criminal lawyer for you? Consider these guidelines:

Is the lawyer a good fit for your type of case and your type of personality? You will have to trust this person with your life, and to have as much trust as possible in an attorney; you need to be more than satisfied with their credentials, experience and their temperament in defending you.

How well known is the lawyer in your particular court system? A lawyer will interact with many of the same judges and prosecutors over the course of their work if they remain in a particular county. That familiarity can many times work in your favor, making it easier to negotiate plea bargains or reduced sentencing.

Can your lawyer remove the emotional component?Almost every case and every trial is highly charged, and when emotions run high, errors in judgment can follow. A lawyer who can cut through the haze of emotions and keep the facts of a case at the forefront gives you the best possibility for a favorable outcome.

Can your lawyer explain all of the hidden costs that might come with a guilty verdict? Aside from fines and jail time, a good lawyer will keep a defendant in line by reminding them of all the soft costs that come with a conviction. Future job prospects, the stigma of a conviction, etc., and a lawyer can help remind the client to stay focused and work hard on their own behalf before, during and after a trial.

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