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An attorney is an integral part of helping you stop domestic violence

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Arizona has broad and aggressive laws when it comes to prosecuting domestic violence abuse cases.

Many people think of domestic abuse as a physical confrontation between two family members; it is actually much more than that.  All that is required for a domestic violence dispute is if there is a qualifying victim.  That can include a spouse, child, parent, an elderly relative, or a sibling.

Domestic violence is much more than a physical altercation.  It can include threats and intimidation, stalking, kidnapping, economic deprivation, trespassing and harassment, assault with a deadly weapon, and many other situations.

Retaining a highly experienced domestic violence abuse lawyer is especially important because state law does not allow a victim to drop charges.  The case will be prosecuted unless the district attorney decides they do not want to press charges.  This action must be approved by a judge.

Because domestic violence cases are among the most emotionally charged types of cases, a domestic violence abuse lawyer will be able to remove the emotional component on their client’s behalf, allowing for clear-headed thinking that will take the best interests of the client into account.

A lawyer can assist victims of domestic violence in many ways.

Emergency protective orders – A victim can apply for protection from abuse in an official capacity.

Restraining order – When the threat of physical violence exists, an attorney can help secure a restraining order to temporarily keep an individual from approaching or contacting the person specified in the restraining order.

Custody or spousal support orders – These may be issued or modified to further protect family members.

Address Confidentiality Program – A lawyer can assist a victim by helping them get a substitute address to shield their location.

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