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There are many types of white collar crimes

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A white collar crimes attorney will be able to defend you against a wide array of white collar crimes, such as:

Bankruptcy Fraud – If you knowingly make a false statement on a bankruptcy filing, you can be charged with fraud.  You can also be charged when you conceal assets from a bankruptcy trustee in an attempt to have them withheld from creditors.

Health Care Fraud – These are the most commonly prosecuted white collar crimes in federal court.  They generally start when someone submits false claims to the federal government for payment, usually under Medicare.  These can either be for services that were not provided or for fake patients who do not really exist.

Tax Crimes – These types of crimes involve tax misrepresentation, or tax evasion, a complete failure to file a tax return and can involve prison time if convicted.

Immigration Fraud – There are many ways immigration fraud can be committed, from taking part in a sham marriage, to lying on an immigration form, or providing false information to help someone get into the country illegally.  If you are already in the country on a visa, and you lie about your status to obtain employment, you can be charged with a crime as well.  If you are convicted, you can spend time in prison and/or be deported and never allowed to enter the United States again.

Securities Crimes – There are many types of securities fraud that involve pump and dump schemes, churning stocks and bonds, making misleading statements about the prospects of a company and many others.  The federal government works closely with the Securities and Exchange Commission to police these infractions.

Real Estate Fraud – Creating a false appraisal of the value of a property, falsifying loan documents if you are a buyer or a mortgage broker, and not disclosing defects and other negative aspects of the property and other crimes that are considered real estate fraud.

The penalties for white collar crimes can be especially harsh, often times on par with those doled out for violent crimes.  But the severity of a sentence will vary, depending on the amount of loss and how many victims were involved.  Generally, the higher the number of victims, the tougher the sentence.

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