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Possible defenses against domestic violence charges

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Being charged with a domestic violence crime can be a particularly difficult situation to endure.  In almost all cases, emotions run high, evidence can be conflicting and courts and sentences can be exceptionally harsh.

Domestic violence falls under the broad umbrella of stalking, threatening, abandonment, or damaging property in addition to the primary definition which deals with inflicting some kind of physical injury to a victim.  Domestic violence is also not limited to violence among spouses.  It can include children, parents, or any member of an extended family.  Depending on the circumstances and the severity of charges, a defendant may be facing a felony or a misdemeanor.  Both can have far reaching and serious consequences.

An experienced domestic violence abuse attorney is critical to mounting an appropriate defense against these types of charges.  And often times there’s more to a charge than meets the eye.  That’s because many men and women who are accused of domestic violence may themselves be a victim, actually acting in self-defense which resulted in a violent response.  A strong domestic violence abuse lawyer will not only be able to call out a situation like this, they will know how to put the facts in the best possible light so that you can avoid jail time.

An attorney can also help you mount one of several possible defenses.  In addition to claims of self-defense, an attorney may also be able to claim that false accusations are being made against you.  This is quite common and a trained attorney can spot contradictions that will help prove the allegations were false.  Another defense is that of lack of willful intent.  This means that an accidental shove resulting in an injury may not meet the test of domestic violence because you did not intend to harm your partner.

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