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Using the truth as a self defense strategy

by | May 25, 2017 | Uncategorized |

If you’ve been charged with a crime such as assault, battery or even murder, how you create an effective defense strategy could mean the difference between a long stretch in prison or walking out of a courtroom as a free person.

While there are many possible ways that an attorney can frame your case, one of the best strategies and one of the most common is to claim self defense.  A skilled self defense lawyer has many possible ways they can spin your story to show that you were not at fault for a crime that took place.  A skilled attorney will also be able to show how there can be several possible versions of “the truth” and be able to introduce enough reasonable doubt that could lead to an acquittal.

A skilled self defense lawyer must be a great storyteller because often times, he or she will be using the same basic set of facts as the prosecutor in a case.  How well an attorney can take those basic facts and create a narrative will be a key component.  The attorney should be able to tap into the truth, but also be able to create a story that will generate sympathy among the judge and the jury.

In those cases where the evidence overwhelming proves that a person did commit the crime, the attorney’s job is a bit more difficult, but not impossible.  It’s quite possible to admit guilt, but then explain why and how the crime was committed.  For example, a person may admit to killing another person, but if it is revealed that the person who was killed had repeatedly committed sexual assaults on the victim or that there were other extenuating circumstances, then a plausible explanation may be enough to sway the courts, gaining either a reduced sentence or an outright acquittal.

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