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What are your rights
Jan 19 2023

What are your rights during a criminal investigation?

It is difficult and stress-inducing to be a suspect in a criminal investigation. When law enforcement questions you, you should…

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What constitutes drug crimes
Jan 03 2023

What constitutes drug crimes in Arizona?

There are a variety of ways you can get into trouble for drug crimes. You do not have to be…

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Does Arizona have a
Dec 19 2022

Does Arizona have a stand-your-ground law?

Your home should be your castle, and you should be able to enjoy your residence without worrying about someone coming…

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Expungement benefits and limitations
Dec 06 2022

Expungement benefits and limitations for a petitioner

If you wish to expunge your criminal record, you become a petitioner and must follow the steps to gain court…

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Why are penalties so
Oct 25 2022

Why are penalties so steep for small amounts of fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, a narcotic that is similar to organic opiates but originates in a lab. It is…

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What should you know
Sep 24 2022

What should you know about your Miranda rights?

Though many people are familiar with the overarching concept of Miranda rights, the vast majority do not know the details…

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How can an OWI
Sep 08 2022

How can an OWI change your career?

Intoxication on any substance can have a severe impact on a person’s life in general. Specifically, it can alter someone’s…

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What is doctor shopping?
Aug 13 2022

What is doctor shopping?

Most controlled substances are medications that have accepted uses to treat medical conditions but also have a high potential for…

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How can you restore
Aug 02 2022

How can you restore your rights after a conviction?

A criminal conviction on your record affects many areas of your life, minimizing your access to jobs, housing, education and…

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Can you get a
Jul 31 2022

Can you get a concealed carry permit with a felony record?

If you want to carry a firearm to protect yourself, Arizona is one of the better places to be. After…

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How do you get
Jul 16 2022

How do you get a job with a criminal record?

One of the best ways to re-enter society after a low point in life is through employment. Getting a job…

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Cocaine bust at a
Jun 02 2022

Cocaine bust at a traffic stop raises international complications

Traffic stops may feel tense, but it is important for anyone dealing with law enforcement to remain calm and cooperative.…

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What is the law
Apr 29 2022

What is the law on serious drug offenders in Arizona?

jurisdictions. Arizona law specifies many different crimes for persons who use, possess, manufacture and traffic drugs. Some penalties are harsher…

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Can you trust a
Apr 23 2022

Can you trust a public defender to handle your case?

If you are facing criminal charges, you undoubtedly want to put the matter behind you as quickly as possible. Still,…

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Legally growing marijuana in
Feb 28 2022

Legally growing marijuana in Arizona

In November 2020, the state enacted a law legalizing the recreational possession and use of marijuana. Included with this legalization,…

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Drug charges, job interviews
Jan 22 2022

Drug charges, job interviews and your rights

Getting charged with drug possession can disrupt your life and your career. Going back to work with a conviction on…

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What do you know
Dec 28 2021

What do you know about treating a drug addiction?

Arizona police recently charged you with a drug crime. While you wait to see how your case turns out, you…

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How do you get
Nov 17 2021

How do you get jobs with a drug felony on record?

When in recovery from drug addiction, one of the biggest and most important steps is to get a new job.…

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