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Defend Yourself Against Fabricated
Jan 17 2023

Defend Yourself Against Fabricated Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Allegations of sexual assault can impact your life in many ways including your career and personal relationships. Dealing with fabricated…

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How Should I Handle
Nov 17 2022

How Should I Handle The Court Of Public Opinion?

Facing sexual assault accusations is difficult enough, but once the situation becomes public, you now have much more to deal…

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What is a Romeo
May 06 2022

What is a Romeo and Juliet Law?

If you have teenagers in your family, you may be dreading puberty. After all, according to Psychology Today, the emotional…

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Are False Sexual Assault
Feb 14 2022

Are False Sexual Assault Allegations Common?

Incidents of sexual assault may go unreported by their victims, which is a common occurrence, but what happens when a…

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The Important Role Of
Feb 08 2022

The Important Role Of Consent In Sex Crimes In Arizona

Sex crimes cover a lot of ground and include such actions as rape, child molestation, sexual assault and sexual abuse.…

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Statutory Rape – An
Jan 08 2022

Statutory Rape – An Overview

Although young people sometimes choose to engage in sexual conduct, the state views those under the age of 18-years-old as…

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What Should I Know
Aug 23 2021

What Should I Know About The Age Of Consent In Az?

Engaging in sexual behavior is always risky on some level, but it is vital to understand the age of your…

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