Domestic Violence Charges And Firearm Seizure

Domestic Violence Charges And
Jan 30 2023
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If you face domestic violence allegations, you need to understand how the case could affect your life. Aside from a shattered reputation and the possibility of challenges with respect to child custody or your career, you could lose your firearms.

It is important to familiarize yourself with how firearm seizure works in Arizona and have a clear understanding of your options.

Reviewing firearm seizure due to domestic violence

The Arizona Legislature states that law enforcement can ask if firearms are present when responding to domestic violence incidents and seize firearms if they believe they pose a threat to the victim. After seizure, law enforcement provides the owner with a receipt and holds firearms for no less than 72 hours.

In some instances, authorities seize firearms for six months. However, you can ask for a hearing to have your firearms returned sooner. At your hearing, the court could order authorities to return your firearms, unless the court comes to the conclusion that doing so would pose a threat to the victim, someone in the household or the person who reported the domestic violence incident.

Protecting your rights amid domestic violence charges

Unfortunately, some people lose their firearms and face many other hardships in their lives as a result of false allegations of domestic violence. Make sure you closely analyze the details surrounding the accusations and identify the best course of action.

Whether a bitter partner wants to get revenge and turn your life upside down or your child’s other parent wants to gain an upper hand during a dispute over child custody, it is pivotal to protect your rights with respect to firearms and other facets of your life.

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