What constitutes drug crimes in Arizona?

What constitutes drug crimes
Jan 03 2023
Ryan Garvey Attorneys

There are a variety of ways you can get into trouble for drug crimes. You do not have to be in possession of them for every type of crime.

It is important to understand that drug charges can stem from not only prohibited substances but also if you have prescription medications that are not yours or you are using legal drugs in an illegal way. The state has various charges related to drugs, and the prosecutor will often charge you with all of them that fit your situation based on the evidence provided by officers.


Possession charges result when an officer finds illegal drugs in your possession. This could be on your body or inside a possession, such as a bag or a coat. It can also mean the substance is in your vehicle or your home.

Possession-related charges also can happen if you have materials and equipment to make drugs.

Manufacturing and sales

Another category of drug crime is manufacturing. While you can get in trouble for possessing equipment or materials to make drugs, if officers find evidence that you have made drugs, you will face further manufacturing charges.

You might also have charges for selling or trafficking drugs, depending on how much of a substance you have in your possession.

There is a range of drug charges the prosecutor could impose against you. In general, the more of a substance officer catches you with, the higher and more substantial charges will be. You can expect to have multiple charges in many cases initially for one incident. The prosecutor may later drop some of the charges, but they will usually try to keep the more severe ones.

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