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Arizona Criminal Defense For Drug-Related Charges

Have you recently been charged with a drug-related crime in the state of Arizona? If so, then you may be wondering what your rights are, and how to go about finding the legal representation and guidance you need during this challenging time. By having a better understanding of what to expect in the coming weeks and months, as well as how to find the right lawyer to represent you, you’ll be in a better place to defend your rights and best interests.

Common Arizona Drug-Related Crimes

In the state of Arizona, there are a number of drug-related crimes with which a person can be charged. One of the most common is the possession or use of marijuana, and the severity of these charges can vary based on the amount you had on you at the time of the arrest, as well as whether or not there was enough evidence to charge you with intent to sell. Some other common drug-related charges may include:

Next Steps To Take For Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with any of the above drug-related offenses, the steps you take now can have a great impact on your future. The first thing you should do is to speak with an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable on the specific crime with which you have been charged. By consulting with a lawyer, you can get a better idea of where your case is likely headed, as well as some useful guidance to prepare you for the legal process you’re about to face. Furthermore, a drug crimes attorney will be able to take the necessary steps to protect your rights and best interests by trying to reduce your criminal charges or, in some cases, have them acquitted altogether.

A drug crime conviction can have a serious impact on your life, resulting in possible jail or prison time, as well as other fines and penalties. And of course, if you are convicted of a felony drug charge, this may seriously affect your life. You may have a harder time securing employment, you will no longer be allowed to own firearms, and you may even lose your right to vote.

In addition to seeking representation from an experienced lawyer, it’s also important to avoid any further arrests or other negative interaction with law enforcement until your court date.

Being faced with a drug charge can be scary, but having the right representation can make all the difference. Schedule your consultation with our team at Ryan Garvey Attorneys by giving us a call at 855-809-6525 today.