Cocaine bust at a traffic stop raises international complications

Cocaine bust at a
Jun 02 2022
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Traffic stops may feel tense, but it is important for anyone dealing with law enforcement to remain calm and cooperative. In the event of a search, drivers should know their rights—whether they are American citizens, international workers or tourists.

As Arizona’s Family reports, authorities discovered over 140 lbs of cocaine after searching the semi of two Canadian men near Gila Bend in Arizona.

Investigating suspicious behavior

After stopping a semi-truck, Arizona authorities felt it necessary to sniff the trailer with a K-9 unit. Searching the truck’s closet and sleep area revealed over 50 packages of cocaine. The bust led to the arrest and booking of the two Canadian men. They now face several charges including drug possession, transportation and sale. A Class 2 felony for transporting cocaine comes with jail time between 3 and 12.5 years for first-time offenders.

The report does not indicate whether the men were visiting tourists or had work visas while driving.

Unpacking complicated criminal charges

Tourists and international workers with visas have various protections similar to American immigrants and citizens. However, when facing criminal charges, being a person abroad may make things more complicated.

Charges of possession or use of a dangerous drug risk serious consequences like jail time and, in the case of these two men, potential denial of future visas.

There are only a few things officers may demand of a driver during a traffic stop. It is useful for anyone to brush up on these to help the encounter go smoothly. If the situation escalates from there, it may be worthwhile to seek legal guidance to help build a defense case.

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