Dealing With False Domestic Violence Allegations

Dealing With False Domestic
Sep 21 2021
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If you are facing domestic violence accusations, your future is at stake. These allegations have the potential to disrupt your life in many ways, whether you worry about your ability to see your kids or find work in a particular field. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in this position as a result of lies and baseless claims.

It is vital to pore over the details of the case. Gather evidence and take steps to secure the most favorable outcome in court and protect your future.

The consequences of domestic violence charges

According to the Arizona Legislature, domestic violence allegations can result in arrest. Even if an officer does not have a warrant, they can take an individual into custody if they have probable cause to believe domestic violence occurred. Those facing domestic violence charges could lose their firearms.

Domestic violence cases often generate significant levels of stress and some people lose their jobs. Restraining orders and losing the ability to spend time with children becomes a reality for many people in this position, even if the allegations are completely false.

Reasons why people bring up false domestic violence claims

There are different reasons why people falsely accuse their current spouse, former spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or ex of domestic violence. Sometimes, they simply want to get revenge, whether they become upset over an affair or the end of the relationship. In other cases, people want to gain the upper hand in a dispute over child custody through false accusations of domestic violence.

You need to understand your rights and all of the options on the table if you are in this position.

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