Defend Yourself Against Fabricated Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Defend Yourself Against Fabricated
Jan 17 2023
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Allegations of sexual assault can impact your life in many ways including your career and personal relationships. Dealing with fabricated claims that you abused someone can be infuriating and disheartening.

Knowing how to defend yourself under such circumstances might help you plan your next steps. Strategizing a response to the public may prevent some of the repercussions from damaging your reputation.

Prioritize consent

Prior to engaging in sexual relations with anyone, make it a point to ask for consent. Wait for a clear, verbal response. According to the Arizona State Legislature, sexual assault occurs when you neglect to get the other person’s consent. Taking this step will not only show you have respect and concern for others, but it could make a tremendous difference if you end up facing false accusations in the future.

Establish a timeline

Discontinue any contact with the person accusing you of wrongdoing. Establish a timeline of events. Identify people who could corroborate your actions and back you up. Include details about the timing and the nature of the relationship. Your ability to show evidence of your claim of innocence might protect you from a worse outcome.

Identify motive

Many people who make false accusations have a motive for behaving that way. Maybe the person who got you in trouble wanted revenge on you for some reason. Perhaps jealousy or a desire to get leverage over you was a driving force for the behavior. Finding a reason why someone may want you brought down could corroborate your innocence.

Stay calm and do your part to prove your innocence. With the help of people you trust, you might have a better chance at successfully overcoming or at least minimizing the repercussions of this situation.

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