Does Arizona allow record expungement?

Does Arizona allow record
Jun 18 2022
Ryan Garvey Attorneys

If you have a criminal record, you may wonder if there is a way for a judge to delete or expunge it. While Arizona does not allow for this, you may qualify for a set-aside of your conviction.

Not every criminal conviction may follow a path to set aside, but if yours does, you may want to pursue it. Getting this done may open up doors for your future, including work opportunities in the state and otherwise.

What is the difference between a set-aside and expungement?

An expungement erases your criminal record. This means that future employers cannot see the details of your criminal history. A conviction set aside has a significant difference. It does not rid your record, but it does show that the court decided to set aside the sentence. It tells future employers and the like that you completed the qualifications necessary for this action.

Does your conviction qualify?

Not everyone is eligible to have a conviction set aside. This has to do with varying elements, such as criminal history and the type of crime. For instance, convictions dealing with violent crimes such as murder are typically not set aside. Unless there is a mistake in your record, or you were wrongfully convicted and have proof, crimes that require registration or had sexual motivation are not eligible.

The only way to know for sure if a judge may consider setting aside your conviction is to speak to a knowledgeable professional. Absent this, you may always have a criminal record that may limit your future employment possibilities and hinder your growth.

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