How can an OWI change your career?

How can an OWI
Sep 08 2022
Ryan Garvey Attorneys

Intoxication on any substance can have a severe impact on a person’s life in general. Specifically, it can alter someone’s career path.

How exactly does an OWI tie into a person’s career? What should people facing an OWI charge understand about these serious repercussions?

Loss of financial support

The College Investor talks about the impact that an OWI can have on your college career. Hopefuls may end up passed over for other applicants without a record. Also, while it is not common for colleges to expel someone for an OWI, they can and often do revoke financial support. This could price a person out of attendance.

Job loss and hiring discrimination

Of course, an OWI can also impact job careers, too. First, it can prevent a person from studying their field due to the aforementioned issues with college.

But it can also result in job loss, especially if the OWI conviction comes with time in jail. Most employers will not hold onto an employee if they will spend months or even years in prison.

It is also harder to find a job after an OWI conviction, too. First, many fields will not hire people with an OWI on record. This includes any job requiring the transportation of goods or passengers, along with government positions and jobs that work with children.

Prejudice against people without clean records can also result in employers skipping over a person with an OWI in order to hire someone of equal merit with a clean record.

This is why it is important for anyone facing an OWI to take it seriously from the start.

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