How do you get jobs with a drug felony on record?

How do you get
Nov 17 2021
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When in recovery from drug addiction, one of the biggest and most important steps is to get a new job. Finding employment is a good way to re-enter society and get back on your feet while also financially supporting yourself.

But what if you have a felony on record due to your drug addiction and habits? Is there anything you can do to keep this criminal past from haunting your employment future?

Why is job hunting with a record hard?

The Fix discusses the unique job hunt that those with drug felonies on record must face. Due to the holes in your job history, an employer may get tipped off early that you have spent time unemployed potentially due to time in jail. Of course, a background check will also easily reveal the entirety of your criminal history, which can cause employers to lean away from you. After all, if 29 out of 30 applicants have clean records, an employer is more likely to eliminate the one person with a tarnished rap sheet.

Relief measures

Fortunately, steps are made toward helping convicted people find their footing in society again while rehabilitating from drug addiction. Certain sites help find employment for those with a criminal history, while 300 companies have taken The Fair Business Chance Pledge, promising to give those with a criminal record a fair chance for employment.

The “ban the box” initiative has also gained traction, requesting that companies and employers eliminate the checkbox asking if an applicant has a criminal record. This lets all individuals have a fair chance at an application and interview without a prior conviction coloring the employer’s view. These are just a few of the ways recovering addicts can make the leap back to employment.

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