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Federal Crime Attorney In Phoeniz, AZ

Federal crimes are defined as those that result from a federal investigation or that happen on Reservation or national parkland. In Arizona, an experienced Phoenix federal crime defense lawyer can help.

Because of their nature and/or the widespread incidence, most federal cases are very serious. A federal criminal lawsuit defense involves understanding complex laws and sentencing procedures.

To protect your rights throughout the prosecution and defend your innocence, you need a criminal defense lawyer with experience handling federal proceedings. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers at Ryan Garvey Attorneys can help.

Types Of Federal Criminal Cases

Federal cases cover a wide range of crimes:

  • Bank robbery
  • White collar crimes, including identity theft
  • Fraud, including tax fraud
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Federal drug trafficking
  • Internet crimes
  • Federal weapons charge
  • Violent crimes
  • Murder

Cases may fall under federal jurisdiction when:

  • It is investigated by the FBI or other federal law enforcement agency.
  • It is investigated by task forces or other joint state and federal agencies.
  • The crime scene crosses state lines.

If arrested for or charged with a federal crime, an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer at the Ryan Garvey Attorneys can help you fight heavy fines and/or federal prison terms. Call us at 855-809-6525. Offering free legal consultations for those who have been charged or accused of a crime in the state of Arizona.