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Motor Vehicle Theft Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

There are many instances that can result in an auto theft charge; these can range from joy riding to using a roommate’s or family member’s car without permission to failing to register a used car after buying it. Fortunately, as skilled defense attorneys, we have access to the options available in these cases.

At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, we understand that any criminal charge is only half the story. We work to ensure that your side of the story is known. We can work with you and act as intermediaries to minimize the negative and long-term impacts a felony conviction can have. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can tell us what happened and we can let you know exactly how we can help.

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What is Theft of Transportation in Arizona?

Auto theft needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This means it must be shown that you not only controlled someone else’s vehicle but also meant to deprive them of it or keep it. The charge can also mean that you materially misrepresented a transaction or took a vehicle that was not intended for you and intended to keep it.

A car theft charge can also arise if you are found driving a car that was reported stolen. In this instance, the prosecution must prove that you knew the car was stolen. Depending on the circumstances, an auto theft conviction can mean probation to eight years and some months in prison. There are, fortunately, often options that minimize these long-term negative impacts.

A Range of Penalties Depending On The Value of Item or Vehicle

It’s important to understand what you are facing after a theft charge. In Arizona, it is a graduated scale. This means, the greater the value of the item allegedly taken, the greater the punishment. You can be facing anything from probation and no jail to 10 or more years in prison.

For felony theft, which is typical of a stolen vehicle as the value is likely over $1000, the statute of limitations is seven years. That means you can be charged and convicted for up to seven years after the incident.

In some cases, your attorney may be able to obtain a misdemeanor compromise. Since you are not allowed to have any contact with the victim, your attorney may be able to get your case dismissed if the victim agrees to accept payment for the item that was allegedly stolen. As attorneys experienced in a broad range of Arizona criminal charges we can work to ensure you understand your options.

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