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In addition to bank fraud and mortgage fraud, we have additionally heard a lot about credit card fraud in the news lately. Credit card fraud affects thousands of Americans each year, and therefore credit card companies and banks are on the lookout for it. Being charged or arrested can be a frightening ordeal and has the potential to severely impact your future. Without a Phoenix credit card attorney, you may be forced to pay fines, may serve time in jail, and this will go on your permanent criminal record, impacting your future ability to secure a job. Credit card fraud can additionally limit your ability to work in the financial sector.

Credit Card Fraud in Arizona

Credit card fraud can be committed in a number of ways including:

  • Identity theft
  • Skimming numbers
  • Credit card abuse

Any of these charges is a serious offense which requires the expertise of an experienced Phoenix credit card fraud attorney. Any fraud charge is wrought with complex legal terms and issues that require the expertise of an attorney who has not only defended clients in this realm before, but also knows how to make the most compelling argument.

Identity theft involves obtaining information for a person and using that information to obtain benefits in that person’s name. This can often lead to damage to the victim’s credit score.

Skimming numbers is the more common offense, which occurs when someone takes a victim’s credit card numbers.

Credit card abuse occurs when a person spends money using another’s credit card without gaining their consent.

Credit Card Fraud Defense in Phoenix, AZ

Credit card fraud is not always an intentional offense, but can be done accidentally or without knowledge that you are committing a crime. Therefore, it is important to contact an experienced credit card fraud attorney shortly after you have been charged with the offense. The earlier you contact a Phoenix credit card fraud defense attorney, the quicker they will work to get charges dismissed or begin working on your case.

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