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A criminal conviction can be more than a blemish on your record. It can prevent you from eligibility for some jobs, housing, and professional licenses. A conviction can affect your child’s custody, gun ownership, or even some scholarships, grants, and loans. While there is no official expungement process in Arizona*, in some instances it is possible to get a “set aside” on a conviction. This is similar to the expungement process in other states.

At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, we have extensive experience with Arizona criminal defense and with the set-aside process. Wondering if and how we can help you in your specific situation? Call 602-296-3434 for a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney.

Getting Your Conviction Set Aside

Most crimes, under Arizona law, are available for a set-aside. These requirements include:

Whether your criminal charge qualifies. Many do.

Whether your sentence is complete; if you have served your time and paid your fines

Whether a judge (and potentially any victims who were involved) feels that you have grown from the experience and deserve a clean slate. There are many considerations here including the time that has elapsed since the conviction, the age you were and circumstances surrounding the event, and your behavior either in jail or while on probation.

The advantage of working with an attorney to have your conviction set aside is that we will ensure everything that can be done on your behalf is done. This means telling your story and effectively demonstrating how and why a set aside is justified.

The Difference Between An Expungement And A Set-Aside

While both processes can help you move forward after a conviction, technically speaking, an expungement and a set aside are different.

Expungement means that your conviction is permanently gone from your record in most states.

Setting aside a conviction doesn’t mean that your conviction is completely and permanently gone from your record. It will still be on the record but will also show that it has been set aside.

A set-aside is somewhat of a compromise. It allows the public and law enforcement to see into your past. But it also allows you to move forward because it means that a judge has evaluated the record and determined that the circumstances were such that you have paid your dues sufficiently.

With how crucial a set-aside can be for your life going forward, it’s important to seek advice from an experienced law firm to help set you on the right track. At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, you can work with our award-winning attorneys to prevent your past from further haunting your future.

*In Arizona an expungement is available for victims of sex trafficking who were charged with prostitution.

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The shadow of a conviction can haunt us for years, or even for the rest of our lives. A set aside is a step out into the light of a new day. We can help you get there. Not sure if your conviction is eligible? Call for a free consultation with an attorney (not an intake person) to find out exactly how we can help you in your situation. Call 602-296-3434. You can also reach our firm via website contact email. In Phoenix, we offer personal service, reasonable fees, and effective representation.

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