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Operating Under the Influence (OUI) Defense Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ

You were out on Lake Havasu having a good time. The last thing you expected was to be stopped for boating while intoxicated.

In Arizona, a boating DUI or watercraft DUI is called operating under the influence (OUI), and the consequences are just as serious as those for drinking and driving. If you have been charged with OUI, get experienced legal representation from an Arizona OUT defense attorney as soon as possible.

At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, our Phoenix criminal attorneys help build a strong defense that may lead to reduced penalties or even a dismissal of charges. We are determined to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf. Contact our team of experienced Lake Havasu City OUI lawyers by calling the office toll-free at 602-296-3434.

Consequences of An OUI Conviction in Arizona

The state of Arizona takes OUI very seriously, in part because people involved in boating accidents are more likely to die. Those caught driving a water vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher face fines, mandatory counseling, loss of their boating license and even possible jail time.

At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, we fight hard for people accused of drinking while boating. Did the police have reasonable suspicion to stop your boat? Were proper procedures followed in administering blood alcohol tests? We challenge the prosecution’s case at every level with the commitment to protect your rights, and your freedom. The Phoenix OUI defense lawyers at the Ryan Garvey Attorneys have extensive combined successful experience defending clients who have been charged or accused of an OUI.

Contact A Phoenix OUI Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested in Arizona for a boating DUI or watercraft DUI, known as OUI, you need a Phoenix OUI defense lawyer. Contact the attorneys at Ryan Garvey Attorneys, by calling toll-free during business hours at 602-296-3434. You can also contact us online. Consultations are free and confidential.

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