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In the state of Arizona, a person can be convicted of prostitution if he or she knowingly offers sexual services for something of value, like money. This is per A.R.S. §13-3211, §13-3214, and Phoenix City Code §23-52.

Have you been charged with prostitution? If so, it’s important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney today to learn more about the possible punishments for this crime as well as your defense options. Here at the Ryan Garvey Attorneys, our attorneys have much experience in handling cases that involve prostitution charges, and we are ready to help you. Reach out online or call 602-296-3434.

Punishments For A Prostitution Conviction In Arizona

Fortunately, prostitution in the state of Arizona is not a felony offense. It is, however, a class one misdemeanor, meaning it does come with the possibility of having to spend a significant amount of time behind bars. The punishment for a conviction of prostitution in Arizona comes with:

  • A mandatory minimum of at least 15 days in jail
  • A maximum of six months in jail

You may also have to pay a $2,500 fine; this fine comes with an 84% surcharge. And there is also a chance that you may be given three years of probation. As part of your probation, you will likely have to take part in classes and counseling.

If you have already been convicted of a prostitution charge in Arizona, then the mandatory minimum that comes along with your second conviction increases to 30 days minimum in jail.

If this is your third offense, it goes up to 60 days minimum in jail. And if you have already had three prior convictions of the same offense, then your fourth conviction will result in a minimum of six months in jail. It should also be noted that as a fourth offense, then the charge is classified as a class five felony in Arizona. The minimum punishment is six months, but it can extend up to 2.5 years in prison.

Defense Options For Prostitution Charges in Arizona

As you can see, the punishment for prostitution convictions in Arizona can be quite severe. No one wants to spend a day behind bars, much less two and half years in prison. This is why you need to contact our reputable law firm today to learn more about the possible defenses that can be used in your case. Our goal is to have your charges dismissed. If we can’t get them dismissed, we at least want to get them lowered. And we also want to provide mitigating reasons to the judge as to why you should not have to spend any time in jail or prison.

Through our experience in handling cases involving prostitution, we have come to see that one of the strongest forms of defense is entrapment. This takes place when an undercover officer performs certain actions that entice the defendant to commit the offense. Had it not been for the actions of the officer, the person would not have ordinarily committed the offense.

Here is an example of entrapment. An undercover police officer takes it upon himself to obtain the services offered by a private dancer or escort. During the time period in which the services are being rendered, the officer offers a large amount of money to the dancer or escort to engage in a sexual act. If it had not been for the officer waving around a large amount of cash, the dancer or escort would not have otherwise committed the offense.

Another form of defense that we have found to be very effective in having prostitution charges dismissed is by proving that officers had no legal right to arrest the offender. This takes place when the officers arrest the person before any type of agreement or deal had been made. Take for example that money was never exchanged even though it had been talked about. If the money never exchanged hands, then this is a strong defense to have the charges dismissed.

You can rest assured that when you allow us to pursue your charges of prostitution, that your case will be viewed from all angles. We will thoroughly assess all details of your case and build the strongest defense possible. Many law firms forget to go over even the simplest of details in a case, like whether or not you were properly read your Miranda rights. If a Miranda rights violation has occurred, this may be the determining factor for having your charges dropped.

We will also assess whether or not you were denied a right to counsel. If you were arrested and you asked to speak with an attorney but the police officer continued questioning you, then this means a denial of right to counsel has occurred, which is another strong defense for having your case thrown out.

Prostitution charges are often handled very quickly and messy. And this is why we always want to see the police report that comes along with your charges. If we can prove there were flawed photo line-ups or misstatements appearing in the police report, this is a good indication that we can take your case in front of the judge and have the charges dropped.

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