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When Your License is Revoked in Arizona for Drunk Driving

When people are arrested for drinking and driving, one thing is nearly almost certain – automatic suspended license or revoked license. At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, we can defend against drunk driving charges to help get driving privileges reinstated.

The first step is to request an administrative hearing with the Motor Vehicle Department, which puts a hold on the automatic license suspension. Once the hearing is requested, we can start building a case for license reinstatement.

We do this by taking a comprehensive approach, looking at every aspect of the case from the traffic stop to the arrest and the questioning at the police station. Was there probable cause for the stop? Was the breath test administered properly? Did the officer follow proper procedure in conducting field sobriety tests? We ask these questions to expose errors that violated our clients’ rights — and we won’t let the police get away with it.

We also bring forth evidence that shows our clients are responsible citizens, and the hardship a suspended license would create. Being proactive in entering into alcohol treatment courses is one way to do this. Additionally, showing that a client has a job or a family and lives an otherwise responsible life can help convince the MVD to grant a temporary, or limited license, if not fully reinstate driving privileges.

Experienced Phoenix Suspended License Attorneys On Your Side

At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, our team of criminal defense attorneys brings more than 100 years of combined experience to your case. We use this experience to help you move forward from a DUI arrest and minimize or avoid some of the DUI penalties.

Talk To A Phoenix Suspended License Lawyer About Getting Your License Back

If your Arizona driver’s license has been suspended or revoked following a DUI charge, contact the attorneys at Ryan Garvey Attorneys. Call us at 602-296-3434. You can also contact us online. Consultations are free and confidential.

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