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Violent crimes are among the most serious charges one can face in Phoenix, AZ. Because of this, having an attorney you can trust is crucial. At Ryan Garvey Attorneys, we have half a century of combined legal experience. Since opening our doors, we have helped numerous clients throughout Arizona. We have built a reputation for being dependable, reliable and straightforward. We will not sugarcoat it. We will analyze your case and then fight tirelessly to defend your rights.

Phoenix Violent Crime Lawyer

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Violent crimes, in particular, carry steep consequences. Not only could you be looking at jail or prison time, but you could also be forced to pay restitution to the victim, perform community service and deal with years of probation. A conviction does not just impact you. It impacts your family, your career and your future. That is why we build a tailored defense strategy when it comes to your case. As lawyers, we take our clients and their needs seriously. We have helped people accused of many different types of crimes, including:

Having a strong advocate in your corner during this time is imperative. Our team is made up of knowledgeable attorneys who are dedicated to you and your rights. Our managing partner, Ryan Michael Garvey, is an undefeated former prosecutor. This knowledge is monumental when preparing a defense. Put our skills to good use and let us help you navigate the legal system. We will find the light at the end of the road, together.

Defending Against an Arizona Violent Crime Charge

Defenses against a violent crime could argue for the innocence of the defendant. This could include providing an alibi showing that the defendant wasn’t anywhere near where the crime occurred and couldn’t have committed it. It could also include demonstrating to the jury the weaknesses and flaws in the prosecution’s evidence as well as pointing out the holes in their narrative.

Another defensive tactic that could be applied involves admitting that the action in question occurred, but then presenting a case as to why it was not actually a criminal action. For many violent crimes, this could be arguing self-defense.

What to Do If You Are Arrested

Being arrested for a crime, especially one that you did not commit, can be overwhelming, insulting, and embarrassing. However, it is critical to keep calm, as doing anything else will likely make the situation worse. Therefore, there are three things to keep in mind if you are ever arrested:

  • Keep Calm – As humans, we have a strong impulse not to be restricted and brought under the control of another person. We feel that pull especially when we know that such actions are unjustified. It stands to good reason that many people may want to push back, resist, or behave belligerently if they are being arrested. Unfortunately, though, doing so could negatively impact your case. It could result in additional charges and be used to damage your character, and you may end up saying something that is later used as evidence against you. The wise thing to do if you’re arrested is to maintain your composure. Taking a deep breath can really help. Once you are being arrested, trust the legal process and let your lawyer defend your rights and your case.
  • Stay Silent – When you are arrested, you should be read your Miranda rights. In that process, you will be reminded of your constitutional right against self-incrimination—your right to remain silent. It’s critical that you take full advantage of this right. The police are looking for anything that may help the prosecution throughout this process. They might use sweet talk and casual conversation, trying to get you to let your guard down. They could also try to rile you up into saying something by lying to you, as they are legally allowed to lie. Only by staying silent can you be sure that you won’t say something that you may later regret.
  • Contact Your Lawyer – A criminal defense lawyer, like one from Ryan Garvey Attorneys, is responsible for protecting your rights throughout the judicial process, including the arrest. However, a lawyer can only help if they are aware of what’s happening. It’s essential that, as soon as you are given a chance, you contact a lawyer. They can help ensure that you are treated fairly and that the rights that you have through the legal process are respected.


Q: How Can Violent Criminal Charges Be Defended Against?

A: When thinking about what makes for a good defense against criminal charges, it’s important to remember how the prosecution can secure a conviction. The prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant was guilty of the crime. To avoid a conviction, all that is necessary is that the jury have a reasonable doubt. It’s important to realize, though, that people want to see a crime punished, particularly violent crimes. This human impulse applies to the members of the jury as well. A good lawyer is going to need to make a comprehensive argument against the prosecution’s case, attacking it from several angles.

Q: How Long After a Violent Crime Can Someone Still Be Charged?

A: There are limits to how long after a crime occurs that a prosecutor can start their case. The reason for these limits is that time reduces the reliability of the evidence that a conviction is dependent upon. The quality of physical evidence degrades over time. Counter-evidence may be lost. Eyewitness testimony becomes less reliable, as people’s memories tend to fade or get distorted with other memories in their minds. Therefore, a statute of limitations sets the time limit within which a crime must be charged.

It should be noted that, while the degradation of evidence and witness testimony with time is an issue, the state has determined that the more serious the crime, the more they are willing to tolerate less evidence. This is because it’s important to society that these offenders are prevented from committing similar crimes later. Therefore, the more serious the crime, the longer the statute of limitations. Violent crimes generally fall into this category, as they are usually felonies that have a statute of limitations of seven years. There are, though, a few cases that are generally considered to be so egregious that no statute of limitations applies. The violent crimes that fall into this category include:

  • Violent sexual assault
  • Homicide
  • Conspiracy to commit homicide that results in death
  • Engaging in, organizing, or soliciting terrorism
  • Unlawful use of a radiological agent or infectious biological substance

Q: What Do I Do If I’m Arrested for a Violent Crime in Arizona?

A: An arrest is a vulnerable time for a person. They are often in a fragile state and feeling emotions like shock, anger, and indignation. Unfortunately, law enforcement is trained to take advantage of a person’s fragility in these situations. They are taught to attempt to coax a confession, or at least statements that could be helpful to the prosecution, in these circumstances. It’s important that you be cautious and careful if you’ve been arrested. Generally, there are three things that are important to remember:

  • Stay calm
  • Be silent
  • Contact a lawyer

Q: How Can Hiring an Attorney Help My Case?

A: Hiring a criminal defense attorney can often be critical to defending against criminal charges. Given the penalties and consequences at stake, you should consider hiring someone yourself. A strong defense requires that your attorney devote their attention and focus to your case. It’s also important that you have a lawyer who is able to fight for your rights throughout the entire process. A lawyer can even help you preserve your rights through the investigation process before an arrest has occurred. If you want to strengthen your defense and improve the odds of winning your case, then hiring the right attorney is essential.

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